Hi! I’m Christine and I’ve been sewing from ever since I can remember. I started sewing for my daughter ten years ago, and I find so much joy in sewing for babies!

With my daughter, I used the synthetic, petroleum/plastic-based cloth diaper covers over cotton prefolds (or stuffed with prefolds). I made her many cloth diapers and clothes. As a new mother, my inquisitive, problem-solving nature was piqued. This led me to find out more about all kinds of things going on in our world, including farming practices as well as textiles, and eventually I discovered wool. (My daughter was already out of diapers, thanks to lots of EC). In 2008 I opened my etsy shop and sold organic cotton and hemp hoodies for kids.

When my son was born I was able to add hemp to my diaper stash and some wool. Then I decided to make some wool covers and I was hooked!! They were quite simply the cutest, comfiest, MOST EFFECTIVE, fun, and earth-friendly diaper solution I had ever experienced (and I experimented a LOT with my daughter). I got rid of all my plastic covers, and used wool exclusively. And I had such fun making them that I decided to add them to my shop when I re-opened it after his birth. I have since moved away from making hoodies and focus primarily on upcycled wool soakers, with a few organic accessories here and there.
I am currently cloth diapering my third baby, and he has quite a collection of mama-made woolies!
My experience cloth diapering three babies, and sewing for them has blessed me with lots of tips, tricks, and wisdom that I am so excited to share with you. I am working on a complete DIY Cloth Diapering with Wool course, as well as tips, recipes, and patterns, so stay tuned!

I am absolutely in love with wool diaper covers and would love to help you switch to wool, or find the wool you already know you need!

Join my mailing list so you don’t miss out on my soon-to-come DIY, patterns, tutorials, and lots of free help with woolies πŸ™‚ But don’t wait to ask questions about wool if you have them; I would love to help!



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